Normandy builder - Peter Coppen
Réno' Artisan Builders.

I initially attended Vauxhall School of building obtaining a city and guilds qualification within the Industry, then moved into family refurbishment business.

I later formed my own company in UK designing and building conservatories and carrying out refurbishment work to kitchens and bathrooms. Gaining further qualifications and experience along the way.

During that period I also had local authority and ministry of defence contracts carrying out repairs and maintenance.

Normandy builder - Tony Raggett
Réno' Artisan Builders.

Coming from a family where all the men are tradesmen. I knew from a young age that I wanted to follow in that tradition.

In my last year at school I was offered the opportunity to attend a course at building college to learn techniques in various trades such as carpentry and joinery, bricklaying, decorating, plastering, lead work and plumbing.

On completing the course I was offered an apprenticeship with The Greater London Council and after 3 years gained a City & Guilds qualification in carpentry and joinery.

I then spent a further year at college to obtain a distinction as an advanced Master Craftsman. On leaving college I gained a further 3 years experience in the joinery shop and on site.



Peter Coppen Réno' Artisan Builders

We are an established company that is here to stay.




Tony Rag- Réno' Artisan Builders

I registered and started work in France, sometime after I met Peter and with his excellent organisation and management skills, it made sense to work together, which we have since.

In 2003 I bought my first house in France which I renovated throughout and decided to move over shortly after. I bought and built two further properties, along the way learning and finding out everything that is necessary regarding building regulations and the French 'norms'.

I then formed Réno' Artisan Builders now trading in its 3rd year in France, along the way I met Tony in 2007 and with his vast building knowledge and experience decided to work together.

Together we now have a combined knowledge and experience of over 10 years building and renovating in France and feel we can offer a complete professional service.


In 1988 I joined the family building company. Over the coming years I gained more experience in the trades I had a grounding in, with a leaning towards traditional techniques.

Clients included:

On a personal note, I renovated our family home, a dilapidated Victorian property in London reinstating all the original features, which we sold enabling us to move to Normandy in 2004 and buy the smallholding we had always wanted.