Réno' Artisan Builders  - Normandy - FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are you reliable and trustworthy?

We are proud to say "yes!" We say without hesitation that "we are only satisfied when you are". Please see our About Us page to read about our genuine expertise and long experience within the building trade.

Do you provided free quotations?

Yes, all quotations are provided without obligation and are valid for 3 months.

Are you qualified to carry out electrical work?

Yes. We are also registered with Consuel, so can obtain certification to enable you to be connected to EDF.

Are you fully registered here in France?

Yes. All our work is carried out by registered artisans.

Do you have the correct insurance to cover building work?

Yes, of course. We have full 10 year déccenale Insurance.

Réno' Artisan builders - Tradesman you can trust.

Will you carry on working while we return to England?

Yes, we are professional and if we agree to a time frame then we will carry on working until the job is done.

If you like we will periodically send you photos via email of the progress being made.

Could you help and advise us on our project?

We would be happy to help you with all aspects of your renovation work. This includes access to a translator to make sure that any official paperwork is filled in correctly if required.

Will you be there when you say you will be?

Yes, if we make an appointment, we will be there. On the rare occasion that we cannot make it we would contact you before hand.

Can you provide references and photos of your work?

Yes, we will happily provide references and we have clients who are happy to be contacted about our work. Please contact us for their details.

What deposit do you expect and when do you expect payments?

We normally ask for a deposit to cover cost of materials. Then we ask for stage payments as job progresses. We only expect final payment on satisfactory completion.